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021: Storytellers Were Here

This week on Pathfinder we take a look at the storytelling hidden in plain sight, graffiti. Graffiti has its routes much farther back than you might realize. We explore why this storytelling style that goes against the grain is so special.

020: The Absence Of Sense

This episode on Pathfinder we continue our descent into nonsense. We decipher Lewis Carroll's logic to understand how you can reignite your imagination to create stories than truly surprise your audience.

019: We're All Mad Here

This episode of Pathfinder we meet Charles Dodgson and his method for creating the nonsensical. We help you start to create a blueprint to create your own Wonderland.

018: It's All In Your Head

In this episode of Pathfinder, we break into the world of video games. Daley Johnson, a game designer from Playtonic, joins us to talk about finding your way into telling stories for a living and how designing narratives for games is very different than any other medium.

017: The Hitchhiker's Guide To Nostalgia

What exactly is nostalgia and how do you harness it for your own storytelling? This week on Pathfinder, we break down how to build this container of emotions by taking you on a journey through the different acts of nostalgia.

016: The Building Blocks Of Imagination

What happens when you revisit the stories you read as a child? On this episode of Pathfinder, we encounter what happens when you break through nostalgia and take another look at the tales that built your imagination.

015: A Lesson In Nostalgia

This episode on Pathfinder we unpick what makes nostalgia such an effective storytelling tool. Looking at the work of film poster artist Drew Struzan we take you on a journey to find out why sometimes judging a book by it's cover isn't such a bad thing.

014: From Panel One

On this episode of Pathfinder we uncover what makes comics such an effective storytelling tool. Going beyond super heroes and capes, what makes a panelled page stand apart from just the written word.

013: Was Film Ever Silent?

This episode on Pathfinder there is more than meets the ear. Put on your headphones to immerse yourself in just how much of your perception in film is thanks to the sounds that surround you.

012: It's All About Story

Following on from last week's episode of Pathfinder we document the creation of Colin Levy's short film Skywatch. This is a story of how sometimes you need to give something up to make things happen.

011: This Is Just An Unachievable Dream

Colin Levy joins Pathfinder to tell the story of his short film Skywatch came to be. From adventures with the Blender Studio in Amsterdam to a stint at Pixar, we follow a storyteller through the process of getting to build the world you actually want to. This is part one of a two part series.

009: The Monster In Your Head

The final chapter of Pathfinder's Monster Month. This episode we look inside the monsters that aren't born of fiction, but of reality. We immerse ourselves in our fear and fascination of serial killers.

008: The Architect of Dread

This week on Pathfinder, part three of our series of human's manifestation of fear. This week we introduce you to the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft his creation Cthulhu and why Lovecraft's work may have more of an influence on stories than you could have ever imagined.

007: The Monsters In Everyone's Closet

This week on Pathfinder, part two of our descent into the world of monsters. With the help of Professor Stephen Asma we look into what makes us so obsessed with the things that go bump in the night and where they came from.

006: Sitting On The Wrong Side Of Darkness

This month we wade into the murky world of monsters, starting with a story about some familiar names that were very misunderstood.

005: Tell Your Story

All is not well in the world, so this week instead of our usual episode, we encourage you to go and make your voice heard. Our communities need support and as storytellers, we have the ability to educate, empathize and inspire better approaches. Pathfinder stands in solidarity with Black communities in the US, UK and around the world in the fight against systemic racism, police brutality and oppression. Black Lives Matter.

004: The Stories Behind Stories

Sometimes the most interesting stories are hidden in plain sight. This week Ollie searches the depths of DVD special features for where to find the best behind the scenes stories ever recorded.

003: The Digital Getaway

On our journey this week we look at the hidden storytelling tools of Animal Crossing. What may seem like a game about nothing has far more going on than meets the eye, and achieves something many other stories can't.

002: The Method to Movie Magic

Films have always had a certain magic to them. This week on Pathfinder we pull back the curtain on what it takes to create something special. Director, Ryan Connolly, of Film Riot joins us to break down his path to the silver screen.

001: The Tiger, The Virus and The Wardrobe

Podcasts are at an inflection point, do they stay as they are or do they find new ways to immerse their listeners? James Cridland from Podnews to explore the future of podcasting.

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